My Top 5 Youtubers!

So recently, I have come to the decision that youtube and vlogs are slowly taking over blogs. This may not be true, but what I currently believe is slowly happening as people are becoming too lazy to want to read blogs and find it easier and more interesting to just stick on a video on youtube.¬†As a blogger I probably shouldn’t agree but most the time I do watch vlogs over reading blogs as it is just easier and more convenient. So I decided to share my top 5 youtubers at the moment.


So at the moment I am currently obsessed with Ellie and Leah, who combine to make Elleah. I know of Ellie and Leah as they are connected to Diversity (a British dance group) who I am a fan of. So when they set up a youtube channel, I had to check it out. The great thing about these girls (well women) is that they are real, you can tell they are having fun. Their videos contain makeup tutorials, challenges, vlogs and reviews. If you haven’t already checked these girls out, then you need to! (Link here)

Danielle Peazer

I wouldn’t be able to make a post about my favourite you tubers without including Danielle Peazer. I first discovered Danielle a few years ago and have been obsessed (not in a stalking way) with her social media. Danielle is mainly known for being a professional dancer, which is shown throughout her videos. My favourite videos of Danielle’s are her workout videos as they are created around dance and stand out more then any other workout videos on youtube. (Link Here)

Meggan Fit Music

So, Meggan is somebody who I found on Instagram a few weeks ago and that’s how I found out that she had a youtube channel. Meggan’s youtube channel is mainly vlogs which usually contain workouts. The thing I love most about her workout video’s, they are all workouts that you are able to do yourself and a lot of them are workouts that can be completed at home with little or no equipment. (Link here)


Yet again, Cary is somebody that I first found on Instagram and I actually found her through Meggan’s Instagram account as they are friends. Cary’s vlogs are very much similar to Meggan, they include workouts but she seems to have more general daily vlogs which usually feature what she eats in a day or she uploads a lot of clothes hauls. (Link here)


Rebecca is someone who I have only just started following, I found Rebecca one day when I was looking for a good workout to complete at home when I couldn’t find any motivation. I love how she doesn’t just upload workout videos but also motivational videos. The greatest thing about her videos, they aren’t that long, some of her workouts can be completed in 10-15 minutes which can be easily slotted into anybody’s day. If you are looking to get fit then this is somebody you need to subscribe to! (Link here)







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  • Reply Courtney Hardy

    I haven’t learned of any of these youtubers. They sound pretty good, so I’ll have to check them out.

    September 4, 2017 at 1:56 am
  • Reply Julia

    Thanks for the link to Rebecca-Louise! I used to do some of her workout on the XHIIT Youtube Channel (I think that’s what it’s called) but I didn’t know she had a whole channel herself!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    September 13, 2017 at 11:12 am
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