Why You Should Start Weight Training

I was always the girl in the gym that when straight to the bike or treadmill (even though I can’t run) and was always scared to go to the ‘manly side’ of the gym with all the weights and scary machines! That was until I realised that I needed to step away from the cardio and get myself into weight training! There are many pro’s to weight training!


Burn More Calories!

Weight training has been proved to burn many calories, the more intense you make the workout the more calories you burn. The calories don’t just burn whilst working out but continue to burn for 24 hours afterwards as the metabolism is proven to be raised.

Burn More Fat!

Weight training has also been proven to burn more fat then your average cardio! In addition to burning many calories, the high intensity of weight training burn fat and turns that fat into muscle! This also means you will see a big difference in your physical appearance as fat is larger then muscle so you will see your body shape become leaner!

Only Takes A Short Amount Of Time!

My favourite thing about weight training is it doesn’t take you very long. All you need is a 20-30 minute session and you will start to see and feel the difference in your body. With it only taking a short amount a times, it is easier to fit into your schedule a few times a week.

You Can Feel The Difference!

Over time you will start not just see but also feel a difference in yourself. You will find that over the session you will start to use higher weights and be able to complete more reps as your body becomes stronger. You will also find that exercises will become easier but that is due to your muscles becoming stronger and you will be able to challenge yourself more!

Photo credit [Kayla Itsines]


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  • Reply Britt

    More women should definitely learn the fun of playing with weights – even if its just dumbbells or kettlebells and they never do want to go for the larger machines. The combination of weight training and cardio is the magic mix to get into your peak shape!

    Britt |

    May 6, 2017 at 11:33 pm
  • Reply Sophie B

    I’ve been training weights for a few months now and my body has transformed far more than just with cardio and I love looking back and seeing the progress I’ve made. I can’t resist doing a bit of cardio afterwards, though. Nothing like a little run to clear your mind! Xx Sophie /

    May 15, 2017 at 6:39 pm
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