24 & Still Not Ready To Adult!

So on Monday the 2nd of October I turned 24. It was yet again another birthday that I did not want, not because I am scared of getting old but I do not feel ready to grow up. As a child you believe that when people turn 20 they are instantly adults, but that is a lie. I am not 24 years old and still do not feel like I can call myself an ‘adult’. Why? Because I am not mentally mature enough to say that I can do the adult life.

So, I can happily say that I get up every morning, drink coffee and go to work. If I am right, I believe that classes me as an adult, does it not? In all honesty, this is the most adult my life gets. I still struggle at changing my own bed sheets every week, I still do not know how to cook a decent meal and I still do not know how to sort my clothes into ‘colours’ before putting them in the wash.

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So why do I need to be an adult? We are expected by the age of 14 to make our choices of what subjects we are going to complete for our GCSE’s. This means that by the age of 14 we are expecting children to know what career path they are choosing and what subjects they are going to complete to get there. This then means that before their GCSE’s are over, they need to decided whether they are going to carry on study at school by joining sixth form or whether they are going to drift away from school and join college. So how do you expect a child, who is not ‘mature’ enough to vote on who they want to run their country, decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives, when at the age of 24 I still do not know what path I want to follow?

I still here the same old thing every day, ‘when are you going to settle down?’ ‘what age are you finally going to have children?’ or ‘are you going to do this for the rest of your life?’. Do I really want to put a time stamp on things, I swear their are a lot of high profile celebrities who didn’t settle down until after they reached there mid-thirties and some who didn’t have their first child until they reached their forties. So why am I expected at the age of 24 to settle down?

At the moment, all I want to do with my life is live it. I want to be able to roll out of bed whenever I want. I want to be able to have days where I can just make plans at the spurge of the moment. I want to be able to act like a complete idiot and not have to worry that it is the inappropriate thing to do at my age. There will be a time where events happen in my life and I will have to stop and make that decision of becoming a mature adult and making sure that I am the sensible one and put things on hold and make sure I have my priorities set out right. But at this moment in time, I do not need to do this. I am not hurting anybody by not ‘adulting’ and I am not hurting anybody by not settling down.

So tell me, do we really think a timeline of when we need to suddenly just stop and because this mature person?




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  • Reply andthenzen ✨

    I’m 20, so a little younger than yourself, but I still struggle to think of myself as an adult! Whenever I see my friends getting engaged or having children, in my head I always think, ‘Oh my god, but we’re only 12!’ and then I realise, we’re not twelve anymore and we’re actually at that age where we’re going to start settling down.. It’s just such a scary thought! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Andi |

    October 3, 2017 at 6:49 pm
  • Reply Courtney

    I totally agree with you about adulting, it’s like how am I supposed to know what to do with my life!?

    October 4, 2017 at 2:29 pm
  • Reply Charlene McElhinney

    There is honestly so much pressure on this day & age to settle down, have a baby, get a mortgage etc and have your life together and it’s just crazy! My boyfriend is 25, almost 26, and he feels like he’s so behind compared to everyone his age because we aren’t interested in any of that right now! But I mean, I just turned 21, and i got told at Uni I’m a mature student? It’s my 1st year and I’m apparently a mature student?! Sorry. I’m ranting. But this post resonated with me on sooooo many levels! It’s so so so so pressurising having to ‘adult’ at such an early age – it’s not as easy as it once was! Totally loved this post!

    October 4, 2017 at 6:09 pm
    • Reply Abbie

      I completely agree, I didn’t start uni until I was 22 and I was so shocked to hear that I was also classed as a mature student!

      October 4, 2017 at 6:14 pm
  • Reply Katey

    Adulting is difficult. Sometimes at work I think “oh, I’ll ask an adult”, if I need help with something. I’m getting better at adulting though. I think you’re write about the choosing subjects thing though. I found that really tricky because I didn’t know what I wanted to do at Uni until I got to the start of Year 13.
    Great post!

    October 4, 2017 at 6:22 pm
  • Reply Thoroughly Modern Emily

    Happy happy birthday, first off! I agree that it’s not helpful to get all those questions about when you’re going to do this or that, as if we can put expiration dates on life. Better to just let things develop naturally! And when it comes to sorting your laundry — meh, I just throw in a few color-catcher sheets!


    October 4, 2017 at 6:25 pm
  • Reply Girl In Gamba

    Yes yes yes to all of this. I’ll be 23 this year and I am terribly afraid of my birthday. I’ve been lucky to “push back” the whole growing up thing since I’m in grad school, but after I’m done, I’m so terrified of growing up. I don’t know how or what am I gonna do!


    October 4, 2017 at 6:28 pm
  • Reply Janet may

    I am 32, mum of three and I still struggle to act my age, sometimes feel 80 but most of the time I forget I’m not in my 20s anymore. Jx

    October 4, 2017 at 7:13 pm
  • Reply Tina

    This post was great! The thing is there isn no magic age for being an adult. In some areas of my life I have the adult thing down. In others not so much. There are areas that I don’t want to keep growing older. My marriage is a prime example. My husband and I started dating in high school and I don’t ever want our young love to go away. I want to stay that teen in Love forever. We still snuggle all the time, kiss, dance in the kitchen and etc. don’t be rushed, don’t be stressed, we all move at a different pace. Follow your heart and you will succeed.

    October 5, 2017 at 10:06 pm
  • Reply Denise

    I’m in my 40’s and will never ‘settle down’! I just changed up my career so that I can live the life of a digital nomad and travel Asia next year. I’ll be moving to Seoul. I think people place such importance on age and it is a useless number. Enjoy life!

    October 23, 2017 at 9:44 am
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